Influential Insiders and its publishing company, Great Legs Media, have a simple philosophy: We believe in karma.

To that end, we seek to support organizations that do good and align with our interests and expertise. We are proud to support the work of the Fair Media Council.

Since 1979, the Fair Media Council has worked to create a media savvy society.

This 501c3 nonprofit organization serves as the New York area’s media watchdog, critiquing aadiff (2)and working cooperatively with the media to improve the quality of local news. Seeking to keep the media engaged in the communities it covers, FMC’s influence has helped thousands of organizations become part of the public conversation while enabling┬áthe news media to better serve the public interest, convenience and necessity.

To become an advocate for quality news, which is vital to maintaining vibrant communities and quality-of-life standards, join FMC. Find out more here.