Somehow, even the air seems more luxurious in the Hamptons. It’s cleaner. Fresher. Lighter. And it makes you feel more alive each and every time you inhale.

One of our favorite locales is Bridgehampton, which beckons for its natural beauty amid sprawling properties that showcase humanity’s architectural talents.

Wide, tree-lined streets glow in the summer sun.

Days slowly turn into exceptional, star-filled nights, rolling over again and again.

It’s easy to lose track of time here, and that may be one of Bridgehampton’s greatest virtues.

It seems endless, until the posh air turns cool, and the throngs walking along the town’s shopping area diminish, bit by bit, until the season begins again.

The end of another perfect day -
The end of another perfect day –

It’s easy to lose track of time here, and that may be one of Bridgehampton’s greatest virtues. Notable restaurants, endless beaches, high-end shopping, workouts to align mind and body ensure there’s plenty to do to keep the spirit busy.

To truly escape, enjoy long walks down quiet, manicured streets intermingled with bucolic horse farms. Spend an afternoon at a farm stand, being fully present in the moment and appreciating the simplicity of a ripened peach.

While away a morning at Mecox Bay, pick out the perfect sunflower at nearby Fairview Farms — and call it a full morning. When you have settled into such a routine and can’t describe what you’re feeling, here’s the deal: You’re in a stress-free zone. It’s probably been quite some time since that’s happened, right?

Grab a coffee at Golden Pear Cafe or Starbucks, and pick up a local publication to read as you sip — the way they did a couple of generations ago, before the Internet happened.

Locally, there’s a plethora of glossy magazines available on the doorsteps of shops throughout town. Interestingly, the Hamptons enjoys the benefits of a competitive newspaper market. The Independent, The East Hampton Star and the Sag Harbor Express still publish on paper, while 27East and Southampton Patch are available online. Resist the temptation to use the wifi, and feel the news between your fingers instead.

Before you head for the beach, be sure to pick up a copy of Dan’s Papers, too. Then, everyone will know you know your way around.

It's the perfect place to just breathe and be.
It’s the perfect place to just breathe and be.